Chinese Pioneer Families of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai (Chinese Historic Sites and Pioneer Families Series)

Combining unique travel choices, outdoor adventures, and little-known locales into guides where vacations meet adventures, each title in the Hidden series also offers readers the comfort of detailed maps, internet information for each listing, author picks, suggested itineraries, and walking and driving tours. From ancient petroglyphs and 100-foot-high sand dunes to the Garden of the Gods’ mysterious multicolor boulders that dramatically change color at dawn and dusk, Hidden Hawaii reveals the islands in unique and unparalleled fashion. The outdoor recreation boom has transformed Hawaii into an adventurer’s dream and Hidden Hawaii has all the details, including extensive information on adventure outfitters, surf shops, and dive operators. The guide also covers more than 150 beaches, including 139 with swimming, 100 with snorkeling, 84 with surfing, 68 with hiking, and 54 that offer beach camping. Hidden Hawaii recommends an incredibly wide range of lodging choices as well, including 24 large resorts, 60 full-service hotels, 36 bargain hotels, 56 self-catering condos, 19 bed-and-breakfasts, and even 16 surfer shacks. This edition features 47 maps.

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Hidden Maui (Hidden Series)

Hidden Maui (Hidden Series)Forget Polynesian paralysis! This expanded, updated edition of Hidden Maui offers so many new opportunities for adventure that readers will jump out of those poolside lounges, grab their gear, and head out looking for excitement.

Noted Hawaii travel expert Ray Riegert shows the way to every inch of the Valley Isle’s 120 miles of shoreline. He points out beaches where the sand is white, black, salt-and-pepper, green, even garnet. Then Hidden Maui plunges into the waves – describing the best way to enjoy the island’s great watersports, from sea kayaking to whale watching. Land adventures are covered in just as much detail, including biking trips down Haleakala volcano, hikes through the bird-rich Kanaha Pond wildlife sanctuary and spelunking journeys through ancient volcanic caves and over frozen lava waterfalls near Hana.

Hidden Maui reveals unique lodging and dining options too, including the quaint wooden Nona Lani cottages and the old-style bamboo-deco Kihata restaurant, where local Paia residents enjoy budget-priced Japanese food. The author also devotes separate chapters to the lesser-known Maui County islands of Molokai and Lanai.

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Exploring Historic Lahaina (Small Town Series Maui)

Exploring Historic Lahaina (Small Town Series Maui)The old seaport of Lahaina has always been a town in transition — from royal retreat to rough-and-tumble whaling port, from plantation village to American small town. Now, relive Lahaina’s rich history with this site-by-site guide, another volume in Watermark’s unique Small Town Series. Here are fascinating photos of grog shops, churches, mom-and-pop stores and missionary homes, many of them from private collections and each one keyed to a handy foldout walking map. It’s a tour of Lahaina’s past through rare archival photographs — many of them never before published — and evocative first-person anecdotes.

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Under a Maui Moon: A Novel (The Hideaway Series)

Under a Maui Moon: A Novel (The Hideaway Series)Carissa doesn’t know who she is anymore. She and her husband, Richard, are recent empty nesters; Richard is spending more and more time at work counseling his volatile clients and less time at home with his wife; his clients are starting to show up at the house at night causing Carissa to feel scared in her own home; and to top it all off, Carissa’s boss informs her that she’s been “let go.” She wonders where God is in all of this since He doesn’t seem to be around to protect herand she’s already stopped trusting her husband.

In the midst of her world tilting off center, she’s offered time at a hideaway on Maui. Hiding seems like the best way to respond to life’s overload, and the thought of being alone sounds like just the right balm to soothe her wounded heart.

The languid Hawaiian sun, white beaches, and warm-hearted people bring respite, but meeting handsome Kai causes Carissa to toy with the idea of being romantically involved with him. Then, under a Maui moon, she looks to God for guidance and hope for the future. That’s when she discovers His hand still is on her life, and that love is closer than she ever realized.

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